Chimney Services

Prevent Chimney Fires With Routine Maintenance

Prevent Chimney Fires With Routine Maintenance

Discover the benefits of chimney sweep services in Victoria, TX

Every year, thousands of homes are destroyed by chimney fires. Whether you use your fireplace a few times a year or throughout the winter, it's important to have your chimney cleaned and inspected regularly.

Urban Haus Services offers chimney sweep and inspection services before and after the winter season. Our professionals use specialized cleaning tools to sweep away built-up ash and debris so your chimney can vent correctly. We'll use cameras to get a good look at your chimney and locate any issues or damage.

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Enjoy using your fireplace without worry

Your chimney filters soot and smoke out of your home. If your chimney becomes blocked or dirty, you could experience health and safety issues. Routine chimney sweep services can:

  • Prevent buildup of flammable debris in your chimney
  • Keep your vents clear so smoke will flow freely
  • Pinpoint cracks or damage to your chimney

Don't put off cleaning your chimney. Call Urban Haus Services in Victoria, TX to schedule seasonal chimney services.